The Glocal International-Development program emphasizes the importance of combining academic knowledge with practical skills and hands-on learning. During the program, students complete both a mini-practicum with Israeli organizations, and a full 4-month internship in a local or international organization. Students can choose to specialize in relevant areas of community development work, such as agriculture, public health, education, advocacy etc. The internship period (in the third semester, from September until December) offers a unique opportunity for students to work alongside local and international professionals and to interact with members of local communities. This experience enables students to gain the practical skills and experience necessary for translating academic knowledge into effective action, as well as the needed experience to find future employment in the competitive field of international development.

The process

The internship process begins during the first semester within the course "Mapping the World of Development" in which students identify suitable organizations for their skills and interests, apply for an internship, and create a mutual agreement with the organization. The process includes work both in the classroom and individually with the internship coordinators. This course is followed by the practical workshop "Skills for Development". This workshop, taught by leading professionals in the field, provides students with the basic practical skills needed for the internship, and later, in their own careers.
The internship itself includes both academic and on-site professional supervision provided by partner organizations. Following the internship, students participate in an integrative final seminar where they share their experiences and connect the practical knowledge they gained to theories of development they have learned.While Glocal invites students to find internships in the organizations, Glocal maintains strong partnerships with a number of organizations around the world, and encourages students to intern with them.


Glocal partners

Glocal partner organizations