International Development in Practice: Approaches, Challenges and Skills

This course provides students with a professional framework in community-based development. Assembled specially for the "Glocal Community-Development" program, this course complements the academic courses by focusing on technical and perceptual skills needed during the internship and later in the field.
The course focuses on two seemingly contradictory yet complementary domains. The first emphasizes the ability to improvise, to "jump in" and skillfully engage in different aspects of development work, dealing with whatever comes up and doing whatever it takes to deal with constantly changing realities. This section includes workshops on topics such as planning a project, writing a grant proposal, designing a website and leading a discussion by using theater/art techniques.
The second section emphasizes the ability to "step back" and reflect on the situation and our acts within it. Searching for new perspectives and alternatives, developing the flexibility needed in order to adjust to the ever-changing reality of development work. This is done by focusing on skills such as reflective and complex thinking, dialog and cross-cultural skills and their connection to community empowerment and ownership.
The course is conducted as a series of full day workshops (08:30-17:00), combining theoretical perspectives and hands-on experience. The workshops are taught by leading professionals in these different fields.

The course is taught by Mrs. Reut Barak-Weekes

Prior to joining Glocal, Ms. Aya Navon was involved in development work in Sri-Lanka, Nepal and Haiti. She took part in the foundation of 'Tevel b'Tzedek', an Israeli organization involved in community development in Nepal and Burundi. 
Her work has focused on the role of communities in overcoming trauma, facilitating the connection between local communities and international aid organizations, and on the role of skilled and unskilled volunteers in development. Ms. Navon's fields of interest include cross-cultural relations in development, and the implications of complexity theory to the field.

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Ms. Aya Navon




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