Gender and International Development

Gender and development constitutes its own academic sub-field and has proven to be an enduring international policy and planning focus. With this in mind, the foundational questions that underlie this course are: Why should the issue of gender constitute a legitimate planning tradition in its own right? Why do the proliferating numbers of policies and plans for action in gender and development often fail to be implemented?
How do transnational relationships shape trends in gender and development?
To address these questions, this course provides a critical overview of classical and contemporary theories of development while introducing students to core concerns in gender and development including: sex ratio, reproductive rights, health and disease, violence, education, agriculture, urbanization and globalization.

 The course is taught by Dr. Amelia Weinreb

Dr. Amy Weinreb is a cultural anthropologist with research interests in Latin America and Israel.  She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, was a postdoctoral fellow at Ben-Gurion University's Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, and most recently, was a Lecturer in both Anthropology and Jewish Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Weinreb is author of the ethnography Cuba in the Shadow of Change: Daily Life in the Shadow of the Revolution. In the world of NGOs and community development, Dr. Weinreb has managed programs in inner-city Philadelphia addressing urban nutrition and pregnant and parenting teens.

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