Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation


Social entrepreneurship is a growing field of practice and of academic research. The course will discuss the differences between social and commercial entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it will grapple with the challenge of increasing social value utilizing theories of innovation that were developed in the commercial sector.

The course is taught by Dr. Jonathan Mirvis

Dr. Mirvis is a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is Hebrew University’s foremost academic specialist in social entrepreneurship, social innovation and adult Jewish education. 
He lectures at Hebrew University’s Melton Centre for Jewish Education, the School of Social Work’s Program in Non-Profit Management, the Business School’s MBA Program and Glocal Community-Development Studies. He holds his PhD in adult education from Surrey University in England. 
Dr. Mirvis was awarded the Kaye Innovation Prize by the Hebrew University in 2003 for his development of the social franchise model, and in 2007, received special recognition by the Rector of the University for excellence in teaching.
He is the founder of The Gandel Institute of Adult Jewish Learning, and from 1991- 2012, was the International Director of The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School.

Email: jonathan.mirvis@mail.huji.ac.il
Phone: +972-2-588-1294

Dr. Jonathan Mirvis








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