Glocal aims to provide scholarships for Israeli students on the basis of merit or financial need. Currently, there are no scholarships available but the program hopes to develop that capacity in the future. Below are links to possible funding sources for Israeli students.

Hebrew University - Scholarships and Awards

Hebrew University Scholarships database

Dean of Students Office Financial Aid

Hebrew University MA Scholarships application

Jerusalem Municipality information on Scholarships

Scholarship for students residing in central Jerusalem

Hebrew University Scholarships for Women

Abe and Gert Nutkis Scholarship

Scholarships for students from Givatayim

Scholarships of eight to twelve thousand NIS will be awarded to no more than seven applicants.  Preference will be given to students who demonstrate a prior commitment to volunteer work addressing urgent human need or human rights violations; have completed national service or its equivalent, or served in the IDF; and demonstrate financial need.


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