Equal, Efficient and Kind Partnerships - from Nancy Strichman Blog Spotlight on Civil Society

February 3, 2019
'Ramadan Nights' in the city of Tayibe. May, 2018. Shared Path’s tourism initiative, a partnership with Sikkuy, has brought thousands of Jewish Israelis over the years to visit Arab communities. (Courtesy of Shared Path/ "Derechim Sholovot")

What’s your approach to making decisions? Are you more apt to say “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth” or “two heads are better than one?” Do you prefer to make a collaborative decision or just decide for yourself?  And does it matter whether it’s a decision about who gets to make pancakes on Saturday morning or how you run an organization?

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Dr. Nancy Strichman is one of Glocal's key staff who have been teaching in the program for several years. She also publishes a regular blog in the TImes of Israel, where she discusses several issues related to development, NGOs and life in Israel.