Glocal Magazine Launch Event

February 13, 2018
Magazine 2018 invitation

With the growing interest in gender issues around the world, the Glocal program is happy to invite you to explore the issue of Gender and International Development. 

The event will include a panel discussion with representatives from leading organizations in the field. 

With the participation of: 
- Lilach Tzur Ben Moshe, Director at Yotsrot - Turning the Tables
- Helen Gebremedhin, The Eritrean Women Community Center
- Naama Gorodischer, Global Program's Director at IsraAID
- Dr Nira Kaplansky, The Women’s courtyard

⋅ In this joint event, the Glocal magazine of 2018 will be launched. This issue investigates the intractability of gender and development and will present key articles from the magazine.

Facebook page of the event: Magazine launch on Facebook
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