Glocal student exhibition: "Architecture by Girls: Designing a School in East Jerusalem with Students"

March 4, 2018
Copyright: Lusia Venancio


Glocal cohort 7 student Luisa Venancio is presenting the result of her internship on Thursday, March 8 at 2pm in the Mandel Building, in the exhibition titled "Architecture by Girls: Designing a School in East Jerusalem with Students". This exhibition is the result of a series of workshops over a course of four months with twelve fourteen-year-old students from the Al-thori Preparatory School for Girls. The project aimed to introduce the students to the world of architecture through a hands-on design experience, and resulted in a series of ideas and design proposals that reflect their needs, wishes and priorities. 

Through drawings, concepts and scale models, it will include the girls' own ideas and preliminary designs. Come join us in a celebration of their work!

This project was made possible through the support of the Al-thori Preparatory School for Girls, the Glocal International Development Studies MA Program, the Leichtag Foundation, the Urban Clinic, the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, as well PICO Partners and PICO Kids. 

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