Glocal's student article in the Jerusalem Post

February 13, 2018
Village in the high Atlas

Gal Kramarski, a Glocal student in cohort 7, has recently returned from a five month internship in Morocco with the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), a local organisation promoting development and Human Rights. In her work with  HAF, Gal worked on the issue of awareness and knowledge of women in remote rural villages about their rights according to national legislation. This experience allowed Gal to work on fascinating issues such as women empowerment, Human Rights, local cultures and practices and communities. This internship allowed her to explore theoretic issues taught in class and have a genuine professional experience in the field.

After returning from her internship, Gal published an opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post. This piece explores the issue of Human Rights, national legislation and barriers women face in Morocco in the fullfilment of their rights. The full article can be seen here:

Now back in Israel, Gal is finalising her studies with a final seminar in Glocal before graduation in 2018.

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