New Glocal Magazine available!

May 5, 2019
New Glocal Magazine available!

We are happy to announce that the latest volume of the Glocal Annual Magazine is now available. The Glocal 2019 Magazine is dedicated to the question of International Development & The Environment and brings together pieces written by Glocal students, alumni and, for the first time, guest contributers. 

The issue our magazine seeks to highlight is the interdependence between development and the environment. This issue gives a special focus to local initiatives by presenting various projects from across the world, and considers global perspectives by examining recurrent themes regarding the impact of  development on the environment. This is our modest endeavour to present a new perspective on a complex reality and, in so doing, to impact the field by illuminating best practices and success stories from around the world.

The volume was edited by Liel Maghen, a cohort 5 alumnus and Glocal alumni coordinator and Shaya  Bonstein, a cohort 7 alumna.

The new magazine can be downloaded here