Glocal 2020 Magazine Launch: Cities and International Development

June 18, 2020


On Thursday June 18th, 2020, the Glocal Program launched its Annual Magazine, written and edited by Glocal alumni and students.

This year, the Magazine focuses on international development in the context of cities, urban renewal, urban migration and city lives. The different perspectives from the field present a complex picture, of inequality and poverty, but also one of opportunities, for public participation in decision making; shared space and cultural exchange; and channels for urban renewal and peacebuilding. 

Book launch

Book Launch

November 19, 2019

The Glocal program is happy to invite you to the Book Launch event of:

" International Development in Africa: Between Theory & Practice"

Edited by Yonathan Gez,  Reut Barak Weeks and Manya Kagan

This exciting volume, in which many Glocal staff and alumni contributed, is one of the only publications in Hebrew dedicated to the subject of International Development. 

Glocal Magazine 2019 Event Launch

Glocal Magazine 2019 Event Launch

May 5, 2019

Every year Glocal produces a magazine centered around a chosen theme, that is relevant to the field of International Development. In 2019 the magazine focused on the relations between Development and the Environment, the content throughout the event explored this topic from various angles. Our honored keynote speaker was Prof. Alon Tal (Tel-Aviv University) which discussed the tension between Development and the Environment from a more macro level, through elaborating on environmental policies.

New Glocal Magazine available!

New Glocal Magazine available!

May 5, 2019

We are happy to announce that the latest volume of the Glocal Annual Magazine is now available. The Glocal 2019 Magazine is dedicated to the question of International Development & The Environment and brings together pieces written by Glocal students, alumni and, for the first time, guest contributers. 

Kenya Map

Article about ICOseed in Kenya

February 24, 2019

Please see the article by David Parish on the Ethos Maganize website regarding the ICOseed initiative in Kenya. Masha Vernik, Glocal cohort 8 student, just returned from her internship with the organisation.

Banana business

'Ramadan Nights' in the city of Tayibe. May, 2018. Shared Path’s tourism initiative, a partnership with Sikkuy, has brought thousands of Jewish Israelis over the years to visit Arab communities. (Courtesy of Shared Path/ "Derechim Sholovot")

Equal, Efficient and Kind Partnerships - from Nancy Strichman Blog Spotlight on Civil Society

February 3, 2019

What’s your approach to making decisions? Are you more apt to say “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth” or “two heads are better than one?” Do you prefer to make a collaborative decision or just decide for yourself?  And does it matter whether it’s a decision about who gets to make pancakes on Saturday morning or how you run an organization?