Welcome cohort 9

October 15, 2018
Welcome cohort 9

Glocal is happy to welcome our 9th Cohort.

The 9th Glocal cohort started their classes today. This is the largest Glocal cohort so far, with 29 students from ten different countries including Israel, Palestine, Zambia, Uganda, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, the Phillippines, the US and Zimbabwe!

Glocal students started their year with a welcome word by the new head of the program, Dr. Reut Barak-Weeks and by meeting all the program's staff and lecturers. Then, the new cohort was given a tour of Jerusalem led by the program's alumni coordinator, Liel Magen. The tour exposed students to the challenges and difficulties of Jerusalem and its different quarters (Palestinian, Ultra-Orthodox, Israeli). The tour was an occasion for international students to see at close the complexity of the the city and for Israeli and Palestinian to visit areas of the city they might not be familiar with.

We wish the new cohort all the best in their studies and are happy to welcome them to the Glocal family.