Gili Drori

Prof. Gili Drori

Gili Drori

Gili Drori is Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology by Stanford University in 1997. Before joining HUJI in 2011, she was at Stanford University for 22 years, initially as a graduate student and later as a lecturer and Director of Honors Program in International Relations. She also taught at the University of California Berkeley, the Technion in Israel, and University of Bergamo in Italy and in 2010 was a guest scholar at the Forum on Peace, Democracy and Justice in Uppsala University in Sweden. Her research interests include the comparative study of science and innovation, globalization, and rationalization. She also studies branding, world culture, technology entrepreneurship, higher education, and global health – analyzing all from an institutionalist and comparative perspective. She is co-editor of Global Themes and Local Variations in Organization and Management: Perspectives on Glocalization (2014, Routledge, co-edited with Markus Hoellerer and Peter Walgenbach). Previous books are: Science in the Modern World Polity (2003, Stanford University Press; co-authored with Meyer, Ramirez and Schofer), Global E-litism”(2005, Worth), Globalization and Organization (2006, Oxford University Press; co-edited with Meyer and Hwang), and World Society: The Writings of John W. Meyer (2009, Oxford University Press; co-edited with Kruecken). 
In the Glocal program, Prof. Drori teaches the course: "Globalization and Organizations".

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