Maayan Frenkel

Ms Maayan Frenkel

Internship Coordinator


Maayan Frenkel is a graduate of Glocal's second cohort. Since her graduation, Maayan has gained broad experience working with marginalized communities, government bodies, INGOs and civil society actors to promote social and educational community empowerment. In recent years she specialized in research aiming at promoting evidence-based policy in education mainly in East Africa. She designed and led advocacy strategy aiming at fostering skills-based education in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Maayan holds a BA in Sociology and Anthropology, and Communication from Tel Aviv University. 

In Glocal, as an Internship Adviser, Virginie introduces students to the diversity and professionalism of Actors of Development and Labor Market. She mentors and orients students before and during their internship period, accompanying them in identifying the best internship placement for their specific profile and career wishes. During the internship she supports Students’ learning experience and the combination of the theoretical studies with field experience.


Contact Information

p: +972-2-5883036