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Glocal Magazine 2019 Event Launch

Glocal Magazine 2019 Event Launch

May 5, 2019

Every year Glocal produces a magazine centered around a chosen theme, that is relevant to the field of International Development. In 2019 the magazine focused on the relations between Development and the Environment, the content throughout the event explored this topic from various angles. Our honored keynote speaker was Prof. Alon Tal (Tel-Aviv University) which discussed the tension between Development and the Environment from a more macro level, through elaborating on environmental policies.

Glocal Publications


The resources below are academic and semi-academic work done by Glocal faculty, alumni and students, published in the Glocal Annual Magazine and other sources.


New Glocal Magazine available!

New Glocal Magazine available!

May 5, 2019

We are happy to announce that the latest volume of the Glocal Annual Magazine is now available. The Glocal 2019 Magazine is dedicated to the question of International Development & The Environment and brings together pieces written by Glocal students, alumni and, for the first time, guest contributers. 

Kenya Map

Article about ICOseed in Kenya

February 24, 2019

Please see the article by David Parish on the Ethos Maganize website regarding the ICOseed initiative in Kenya. Masha Vernik, Glocal cohort 8 student, just returned from her internship with the organisation.

Banana business

Fabian Bulugu, right, helping to set up Kaima Tanzania farm for at-risk youth

Cohort 7 student Fabian Bulugu creates a farm for at-risk youth in his native Tanzania

May 1, 2018

The Israel21c website has published an article about Fabian Bulugu, a Glocal cohort 7 alumni, who opened a farm for at-risk youth in his native Tanzania. 

Fabian worked with a local israeli organisation, Kaima, during his studies in Glocal. During his time in Glocal, he has created a local NGO in Tanzania and is using the experience from his volunteering with Kaima to open this farm, with the aim to empower youth and provide them with practical tools for their professional development.

The full article can be seen here:

Population change: Why it matters?





The course focuses on the two-way relationship between major demographic events and societal transitions. Demographic events include epidemics, large-scale migration, and more recently, the dramatic reductions in fertility and mortality. Societal transitions include those related to religious belief and practice, political instability, economic development, as well as to those associated with the "second demographic transition" in contemporary low fertility countries.