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There is much talk of the ‘relief to development’ continuum in the aid world, and about the need to create clusters of agencies to work together in providing more coherent responses to the needs of populations. However, there are underlying tensions associated with relief and development which continually arise, not least because relief is shaped by an ideology, humanitarianism, which, in essence, requires development to fail. Humanitarianism is a powerful, pervasive and resilient set of ideas associated with saving strangers.

Glocal Talks

The Ted Talks which you will find on this page were filmed during our students' graduation ceremonies and other events. In these Ted Talks, students give us a taste as to what they did during their internships whilst studying at Glocal.

The Glocal International Development program emphasizes the importance of combining academic knowledge with practical skills and hands-on learning. During the program, students complete a full 4-month internship in a local or international organization.

Cohort 9 fieldwork experience in South Tel-Aviv

January 14, 2019

The fieldwork experience in South Tel-Aviv has remained the central feature of the Glocal Qualitative Research Methods course since 2015. This year, teams of 4-6 students spent two days conducting pilot research with refugee and asylum-seeker community South Tel-Aviv.  In preparation, student groups were matched with local “hosts” (individuals or organizations), and/or were assigned public spaces in which to conduct participant observation.

Magazine 2016 event

Glocal Magazine Launch Event 2016- Refugees and host communities, a global perspective

February 19, 2016

On February 19th, 2016, we launched our annual magazine in an event taking place at Yeffet 83, Jaffa's young adults community center. Nearly 100 participants gathered to discuss the relationship between refugees and their host communities, and to learn different perspectives of academics, and professional speakers from the field,  

We thank former MK Nitzan Horowitz, Dr. Tali Kritzman Amir, Ms. Ophira Ben Shlomo, and Glocal Student Silvain Ruhmaya for speaking, and to our dear guests for attending and presenting their views on the topic. 

Dr. Orit Gazit

Dr. Orit Gazit


Dr. Gazit is a faculty member (assistant professor) in the Glocal Program in International Development and in the Department of International Relations at …