Urban development and cities in the developing world

Glocal Talks

The Ted Talks which you will find on this page were filmed during our students' graduation ceremonies and other events. In these Ted Talks, students give us a taste as to what they did during their internships whilst studying at Glocal.

The Glocal International Development program emphasizes the importance of combining academic knowledge with practical skills and hands-on learning. During the program, students complete a full 4-month internship in a local or international organization.

Yossi Offer

Mr. Yossi Offer

Strategic planning and local development specialist

Yossi Offer is a strategic planning and local development specialist. He is a cofounder & executive director of InterLoc Development Ltd.

2016 Jun 07

Open Space for Urban Development

6:30pm to 8:00pm


Room 3610 Social Sciences

case Of Kisumu, Kenya on the Shores of Lake Victoria

Dr. Yoel Siegel- Consultant to UN-Habitat