Every year, the Glocal program has a limited number of scholarships and funding opportunities for students. Existing scholarships provided by the program are for students coming from the Global South (i.e. developing nations), including Palestinians students. The program provides full or partial scholarships. Below is a description of Glocal Scholarships for students from the Global South/developing nations.

In addition, the program advises students not appicable for Glocal scholarships about other funding opportunities not provided directly by the program. Below are useful links for applicants from the Global North/developed nations and Israel about possible scholarships.

Glocal also aims to assist all students with internship related costs. In the past, we have been successful in supporting significant parts of these costs to all our students.

Scholarships for the Global South / Developing nations

Every year, Glocal (through our generous donors) offer a limited number of scholarships, either full or partial, to students from the Global South/Developing nations. Full scholarships cover full tuition fees and living expenses and partial scholarships cover full tutition fees and some additional expenses. These scholarships are available to succesfull applicants from any developing country.

Glocal also offers dedicated scholarships for students from specific countries. Currently, we are encouraging applications from Palestinain students, and candidates from Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador to apply to the program as there are scholarships (all partial) earmarked for these countries.

Details about all scholarships are available through the Program's Coordinator. 

In addition, applicants can fund their studies via other available scholarships available in this link:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Scholarships to study in Israel

Glocal student at the  Pescah cocktails 2018Marwa Natsheh in Morocco

Scholarships for the Global North / Developed nations

Glocal is currently unable to directly provide scholarships for students from the Global North/developed nations. We aim to be able to do so in the future, but at present can only advise applicants about external scholarships, burseries and funding opportunities. The links might be useful for applicants searching for financial support:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarships

Dean of Students Office - Financial Aid

Study in Israel Resource page for Airfare & Tuition Scholarships

Scholarships for Israeli students

Glocal aims to provide scholarships for Israeli students on the basis of merit or financial need. Currently, there are no scholarships available but the program hopes to develop that capacity in the future. Below are links to possible funding sources for Israeli students.

Hebrew University - Scholarships and AwardsDean of Students Office Financial AidHebrew University Scholarships database
Hebrew University MA Scholarships applicationJerusalem Municipality information on ScholarshipsScholarship for students residing in central Jerusalem
Hebrew University Scholarships for Women