Studying in Jerusalem

Glocal courses and professional workshops are taught in an open and supportive environment, with the goal of encouraging peer learning and group discussions. The courses bring the theory of international development work together with practical experience and case studies from the field in order to equip students with the most effective tools to preform academic research and actual development work. With its state-of-the-art teaching approach, Glocal serves as a hub for innovation in the field of community development.

Our international group of students, which come from 10 different countries in every cohort, enjoy the wonders of Jerusalem throughout their studies. Jerusalem hosts various communities and thus became a hub for social innovation, which allow the students to learn from direct experiences.

Additionally, Jerusalem is mostly famous for being one of the most important religious city for Judaism, Christianity, and the Islam.  For those living in Jerusalem, it is a thriving city and a modern metropolis, rich in art and history, restaurants and coffee shops.  Throughout the year, the city hosts festivals, exhibitions, international conferences and sports competitions.