Glocal alumni are employed in a variety of development and grassroots organizations in Israel and abroad, working to empower communities in a variety of fields. These organizations include, among others: the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JDC, Shatil, Tevel Be'tzedek, IsraAid, Matan-Brit Olam, Save a Child's Heart, Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Manna Center Program for Food Safety and Security at the Tel Aviv University, SID-Israel Branch, World Education, Care International, MSF (Doctors without Borders), Oxfam, ActionAid, Village Health Works Burundi, Prepex Rwanda, and FHI360 Uganda. Furthermore, some of our alumni have continued onto Doctoral studies in relevant fields around the world.

Additionally, some of our alumni have started their own projects in communities. For instance, Become is a small NGO working to support children, families and communities in Kenya, Haiti and South Sudan. Another project is Amar Majuli, led by two of our alumni of the first cohort, Gili Navon and Shaked Avizedek in an island in Northern India. The project aims to empower women from a lower caste through creating a weaver cooperative; strengthening their agricultural practices; and operating various services such as a bicycle bank. We encourage and support our alumni in their career and project development.

See our "Perspectives from the Field" booklets with stories and details of students and their field internships.





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