Glocal graduates are employed in a variety of organizations across the world, working in key positions and empowering local communities in different fields. This involvement includes international agencies such as World Education, Care International, Oxfam, and ActionAid, and institutions such as the International Trade Center, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Rwandan Embassy in Kigali, and more. 


Alumni are also employed in Israeli organizations which work in the field such as IsraAID, JDC, Tevel Be’Tzedek, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Innovation: Africa, and more. Furthermore, some of the Glocal alumni have gone on to pursue Ph.d. studies in relevant fields. Glocal’s international alumni network is vibrant and participatory and graduates support each other in career development and professional advancement. 



As an academic institution that combines theory and practice, and aspires to promote sustainable, positive development interventions which are tailored to local realities, Glocal encourages its alumni to be involved in international and community development in the field and to establish solutions that are tailored to local needs and capacities around the world. With the Program’s technical support, graduates from around the world have established exciting interventions such as Kaima Tanzania, a farm that provides skills and employment opportunities to youth in rural Tanzania; Amar Majuli, a women cooperatives which support low cast women in Majuli island, northern India; Urashoboye Women’s Association (UWA), a social enterprise of females in Musanze district of Northern Rwanda, which provides women skills and employment opportunities and many more. 


Additionally, Glocal, with the generous support of the Pears Family Foundation, provides seed funding to graduates’ projects which offer new directions in international and community development. This enables the establishment of new, innovative, tailor-made answers to present challenges of marginalized communities around the world.