Study in Jerusalem



Welcome to one of the most historic, exciting, and diverse cities in the world! Jerusalem is a wonderful mosaic of cultures, religions, sights, sounds, and tastes. People come from all over the world to visit this city, which is holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. You’ll hear the Friday evening siren marking the beginning of Shabbat, the evening call to prayer in the Old City, the ringing of church bells, and more.
Our city is also innovative and highly entrepreneurial, the capital of the “Start-Up Nation.” The tech industry is booming here, and you can find a great range of trendy restaurants, shops, and forward-thinking businesses – and quite a few festivals, too. And now Jerusalem is your home away from home! Make the most of your time in Jerusalem:



Students can choose to live on campus or off-campus, in Jerusalem or outside of Jerusalem.


Student Housing

Living in university housing gives you a chance to make new friends from all over the world as well as to meet local students. Student housing complexes are located on Mount Scopus, overlooking Jerusalem, and are within walking distance of the university. From this location, you can take advantage of being close to the university while experiencing city life. Housing is based on availability. More details can be found here:

Living Off-Campus

If you have friends or family residing in Jerusalem or nearby or simply prefer living off-campus, you are welcome to arrange your own apartment independently. There are various apartment Facebook groups that you can explore and the Glocal staff would be happy to share more information and chat with you about the different neighborhoods and help you to decide whether living on or off-campus would best suit you.