Glocal Experience


Glocal is a personal journey toward defining what to do in the field of development according to one's profile, experience, wishes, and strengths.

Glocal’s mission is to advance critical global thinking, while challenging existing theories in the field of international development, by focusing on sustainable community development that is based on a diverse body of knowledge and experience.

Each cohort consists of some 25-30 students from around the world, and from diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds. With this diversity, students enrich and deepen the learning process of their peers and build meaningful relationships. Graduating from Glocal opens up various possibilities for employment, such as working with local, national, or international development agencies around the world, supporting marginalized communities by working in local or national authorities. One can also work, for example, in the private and for-profit sectors where international experience is valued. Pursuing further research in International Development or related fields is another option that graduates may wish to take. Visit our alumni page for more details.


Glocal’s Buddy System

To help students settle into their new life in Israel, we offer the Buddy Program, which pairs new international students with local students from the same cohort. This connection allows for friendships to form before the Glocal program even starts! Local students then provide a friendly face, a helping hand, and the first local friendship that can make a world of difference.


Tours, Workshops & Events

Glocal implements many different activities, in addition to regular teaching on campus of theoretical and practical workshops. These have included, for example, a tour of Jerusalem where students meet delegates from various local communities in the city; a two day field trip in which students learn of the reality of different disadvantaged communities in Israel; celebratory events for the winter holidays in December, for which each student brings traditional food from their country; and a series of meetings with field experts in the field of international development from Israel and the world.