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Glocal International Development is an innovative MA program in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This 18-month program aims to provide students with the academic theory and background, as well as professional skills to work with communities across the globe. An integral part of the program is a four-month internship in a developing country or in Israel/Palestine, held during the third semester of the program. If you are an individual with a global perspective on the one hand, and an appreciation for local solutions on the other, come join Glocal. We offer a unique opportunity to gain development expertise and to play a meaningful role in advancing communities both in Israel and across the world.

In order to ensure the diversity of every cohort, we provide a limited amount of scholarships to students from developing countries. We also offer scholarships to Palestinian students and to selected applicants from Mexico, Argentina and EcuadorFor more details 

Latest News

Pears Program for Global Innovation: "How NOT to do Humanitarian Innovation"

Pears Program for Global Innovation: "How NOT to do Humanitarian Innovation"

March 28, 2019

Glocal's staff and students were happy to participate and contribute to the Pears Program for Global Innovation night on  "How NOT to do Humanitarian Innovation". 

The event, organised as a part of the Pears Challenge 2019- WASH in Humanitarian settings brought together humanitarian practioners from different fields to discuss how humanitarian innovation should NOT be done and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of previous negative experiences.

Meet cohort 8 Alumni

Meet cohort 8 Alumni

March 25, 2019

As every year, Glocal is happy to share the profiles of our graduating students. Please see our "Prespectives from the Field" booklet for chorot 8 (2017-2018). Cohort 8 just graduated from Glocal in mid-March 2019 and have joined Glocal's 100+ alumnis in Israel and beyond.