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Glocal is an interdisciplinary 18-month graduate program offered by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This program translates academic research into a practical understanding of community development conducive to empowering communities in need across the world to prosper and succeed. Glocal offers its students theoretical knowledge, inspired by a global perspective, and practical local solutions. Glocal cultivates a new generation of practitioners who are equipped with the most cutting-edge theories and expertise whilst comprehending and engaging with the complex challenges facing marginalized communities.

Glocal’s unique approach builds on a strong academic 14-month curriculum from a variety of social science disciplines and a practical 4-month internship spent in international organizations working with local communities across the world.

Established in 2010, the Glocal program is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Hebrew University. The program is taught in English and offers courses ranging from Geography and Demographics to Public Policy and Business Administration.

Each cohort consists of some 25-30 students, a number of whom are from the developing world. In this way, Glocal assists in the advancement of young and promising candidates capable of becoming agents of change in their communities. By the same token, these students in the course of their studies at the Hebrew University enrich and deepen the learning process of their peers.


Latest News

Application deadline approaching!

Application deadline approaching!

July 14, 2019

Application deadline for the coming academic year (2019-2020) and to be a part of Glocal's 10th cohort is approaching soon. Glocal close the application process at the end of July 2019 so all interested applicants are advised to initiate their application process quickly. There are only a few remaining places in the coming cohort so please do not delay your application.

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