International Development is a multidisciplinary field drawing on knowledge and theory from various social science disciplines. This field focuses on questions related to poverty alleviation, reducing inequalities, promoting economic independence, social cohesion and sustainable management of environmental resources. At Glocal, students gain strong academic knowledge as well as up-to-date skills and tools to support marginalized communities around the world. 

While various perspervices to international development exist, Glocal focuses on working directly with disadvantaged communities and developing together with them sustainable, positive interventions to better their lives. At Glocal, students learn from their peers on current development challenges and methods around the world, they receive practical tools and hands on experience, and they sharpen their critical perspective, which allows them to excel in academia and in the field, and contribute to a better world. 


Program Structure

Glocal is an 18-month program. Starting every fall, the program is structured as follows:
•  2 semesters of theoretical courses and practical workshops (classes take place 2 days a week. Each semester is 13 weeks long).
•  Mini-practicum at an organization in Israel, where students learn about civil society in Israel (this takes place during both semesters).
•  Full-time, 4-month field internship with organizations which serve disadvantaged communities around the world, during which students gain practical experience and learn about community development first-hand.
•  8-week closing seminar: Between Theory and Practice: the Pears Seminar for Community Development


Mandatory courses at Glocal include:

    •     Development Economics: Principles and Application
    •     Introduction to International Development
    •     Ethics of International Organizations
    •     Monitoring & Evaluation of Development and Social Change in Nonprofits
    •     Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods
    •     Community Development and the Paradox of Power
    •     Development in Practice: Approaches, Challenges & skills


Elective courses at Glocal include:

    •     Elective courses at Glocal include:
    •     Development and Global Health
    •     Gender and International Development
    •     Refugees and Development
    •     Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
    •     Spatial Justice and Cities


Additionally, throughout the program we offer professional development workshops, which provide students with tools and enhance their skills to develop sustainable interventions towards development.


Optional specialization tracks

Students may choose to take part in one of Glocal’s special tracks!



Gender and Development

Glocal offers the option of specialization in the field of international development and gender. This track offers a firm grounding in theories relevant to gender studies and enables them to approach their studies and their internship through the lens of gender and women empowerment. Students gain a theoretical understanding of gender studies, feminism and its relevance to international development, and gain practical experience in working in relevant organizations.




International Migration and Development

For students interested in taking a leading role in the field of migration, refugees and development, Glocal offers a special track in International Migration and Development. Students taking this track will be exposed to cutting edge knowledge and research on recent migration flows, migration theory and refugee studies. This track addresses cases spanning from the recent European “refugee crisis” and asylum seekers around the world, to the lives of labour migrants and the asylum seekers and refugees in Israel. Students taking this track will continue to an internship in an organization working in the field of migration and refugees around the world.



The Glocal Research Track

Every year, a limited number of outstanding Glocal students may add a research component to their MA studies. This option is also available to those taking the specialization tracks. Their MA thesis focuses on Glocal’s mission to advance critical global thinking while challenging existing theories in the field of international development.