Primary application to Glocal - All applicants

Primary application to Glocal – All Applicants

  1. To apply, go to the HUJI EKMD Registration system and create an account

  2. Sign in to your HUJI Account

  3. Select Special Programs

  4. Select 'Glocal International Developments Studies' 

  5. Stage A of the application: upload the Application Form and your Academic Records

  6. If the grades of your undergraduates are found to be eligible, you will receive an email from the Glocal Admission Coordinator, requesting you follow up to Stage B of the application

  7. Stage B of the application: upload the following: personal statement, passport picture, passport photocopy, Curriculum Vitae, English proficiency documents (test results or declaration from your previous academic institution), and list of relevant referees.

  8. If found eligible to continue the admission process, the Glocal Admission Coordinator will contact you for further information. 

  9. If the Admission Committee approves your application, and offers you a place in the Program, you will be requested to follow Stage C: pay the admission fee, upload the receipt and fill up the Stage C form.

  10. Following the completion of Stage C, the applicant should receive a final response from the university within a month.

  11. If offered a place in the Program, candidates are expected to confirm their acceptance of a placement shortly after they receive the acceptance letter.


Candidates eligible for scholarships can apply to receive one after their acceptance to the program.