Welcome cohort 9

Welcome cohort 9

October 15, 2018

Glocal is happy to welcome our 9th Cohort.

The 9th Glocal cohort started their classes today. This is the largest Glocal cohort so far, with 29 students from ten different countries including Israel, Palestine, Zambia, Uganda, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, the Phillippines, the US and Zimbabwe!

Glocal recruits a new Marketing and Students Coordinator

Glocal recruits a new Marketing and Students Coordinator

September 16, 2018

Glocal is a unique MA program at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which aspires to train young practitioners in the development field, focusing on working with disadvantaged communities around the world. The program brings together academic and practical training in the developing world.

Job description and responsibilities:

Glocal brand new offices!

Glocal brand new offices!

June 12, 2018

The Glocal program's offices have been relocated to the shining and new floor in the Social Sciences Faculty in Mount Scopus. The new offices (next to the Psychology labs) have ample sunlight, a balcony and an amazing view of Jerusalem. This is a major improvement compared to our old rooms. Glocal now also has a new meeting room that can also be used by our students and visiting lecturers. 

Open Day - Glocal

Open day at the Hebrew University: Come and meet our MA program in International Development!

May 14, 2018

If you are an individual with a global perspective on the one hand, and an appreciation for local solutions on the other, come join Glocal, an MA in International Development, which offers a unique opportunity to gain development experience and to participate in advancing communities both around the world and in Israel.

Fabian Bulugu, right, helping to set up Kaima Tanzania farm for at-risk youth

Cohort 7 student Fabian Bulugu creates a farm for at-risk youth in his native Tanzania

May 1, 2018

The Israel21c website has published an article about Fabian Bulugu, a Glocal cohort 7 alumni, who opened a farm for at-risk youth in his native Tanzania. 

Fabian worked with a local israeli organisation, Kaima, during his studies in Glocal. During his time in Glocal, he has created a local NGO in Tanzania and is using the experience from his volunteering with Kaima to open this farm, with the aim to empower youth and provide them with practical tools for their professional development.

The full article can be seen here: