Mr. Liel Maghen


Liel Maghen has been involved in the field of peacebuilding for more than a decade.

Working in both top-down and bottom-up initiatives, his experience includes working with the Israeli Knesset and the Palestinian Authority, the United States Congress, and the EU together with co-directing IPCRI and managing programs for leading peacebuilding organizations such as Seeds of Peace, Givat Haviva, MEJDI Tours, and AIES.  

Through his role at IPCRI, Liel develops transboundary partnerships through participatory activities, community development, and inclusive processes. Within the city of Jerusalem, Liel co-managed an EU-funded project focused on grassroots community organizing and advocacy, led cross-communal delegations to other cities in conflict and co-founded the Sinsila Center for Urban Sustainability in East Jerusalem. 

He holds an M.A degree in International Development from Glocal and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Teaches: Gender and Community Leadership in Jerusalem.