Costs & Scholarships

Tuition Fees (Approximate)*

For Domestic Applicants: 14,000 NIS (about 3,800 USD) per year
(total costs: 28,000 NIS / 7,600 USD for two years).
For International Applicants: 18,000 NIS (about 4,900 USD) per year
(total costs: 36,000 NIS/ 9,800 USD for the two years).
*The tuition fees are set by the University and and change every year. Please contact the financial office for further details.
Please note: These costs are only for university tuition fees. Internship related costs are not covered by the program, though Glocal hopes to provide 40% of the costs related to the internship.
Internship costs vary according to locations and individual internships. From Glocal’s experience, a four month internship in a developing country costs between 5,000-7,000 USD including flights, accommodation and living expenses in the field.


For 2022-2023 school year applicants: We have special scholarships for students from Argentina, Ecuador, and Israel. Contact our admission coordinator for more information.

Existing scholarships provided by the program are for students coming from the Global South (i.e. developing nations), including Palestinian students.

The program provides full or partial scholarships. 

It is worth also checking if you are eligible for a scholarship through MASA or the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


MASA Israel - English

MASA Israel - Hebrew

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Glocal also aims to assist all students with internship-related costs. In the past, we have been successful in supporting significant parts of these costs for all our students.