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What can development work learn from fiction written by African authors? More than just a good story, Akin Ajayi argues

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Fighting the Myths of the Refugee Crisis

Shavit Vered Baruch

We are experiencing the most profound refugee crisis in living memory. But we remain largely unaware of its true origins: environmental exploitation, forced resettlement, artificial resentments stoked into conflict. Fighting environmental oppression can provide an entry point for addressing profound challenges across societies.


Participation in Public Space: a Model for Urban Development and Social Justice

Kali Silverman

Tackling urban inequalities requires a plural approach, drawing from community knowledge and experiences. But it can sometimes be a challenge even to harness this resource. Kali Silverman presents the “Ladder of Participation” as a means of shaping a sustainable and practical response to social problems.



Climate Change, Urban Migration, and Tribal Communities: a Cycle of Marginalization

Rachel Gerber and Jacob Sztokman

Climate change in India has created waves of internal migration, with a devastating impact on rural communities—particularly the most vulnerable members, women and children. Rachel Gerber and Jacob Sztokman describe the cycle of deprivation and marginalization that this led to —a prompt, should one be needed, for more assertive steps to protect the environment.



“House Visit”: Providing Medical Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

Ronnie-Lee Sneh

Homelessness, already a significant challenge in urban areas has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Homelessness is often accompanied by poor health, which together feeds a cycle of vulnerability and increased pressure on health care resources. Street Medicine, taking adapted healthcare services to the homeless, provides a bridge between the street and hospitals—improving outcomes and strengthening service delivery to a vulnerable population.