Urban development


Urban Development in Ramallah: Between Now and Then, a Vanishing Childhood Memory

Ahmed Yasin

Ramallah today is a product of its history—not only centuries of continuous habitation, but also the reality of occupying and economic forces ignoring the needs of its population. Ahmed Yasin argues that urban development must be tied to local history—and the knowledge of the city’s inhabitants is an important asset in this case.


Designing for Childhood: What’s Good for the Children is Good for All

Deborah Rahmane

What’s life in the city like for a three-year-old?  The everyday experiences of children is a crucial perspective in urban development initiatives, it gives unique insight into the challenges faced by populations with specific needs, promotes equality, and can shape an effective framework for long-term change.


Bet Shemesh as a Model for Rapid Urban Development and Sustainability

Gilan Miller-Gertz

Urban development initiatives often pit competing interests against one another—ultimately, to the detriment of all. The city of Bet Shemesh stands as an exemplar for a collaborative and sustainable approach. The difference? An approach that recognizes community needs, and facilitates access to key resources.


Slums and Informal Settlements: By the People and for the People: A New Approach for Slum Upgrading

Alon Cohen Lifshitz

The development of informal urban settlements is a perennial challenge for residents and municipal authorities—a challenge compounded by the absence of consultative processes and shared objectives. Alon Cohen Lifshitz presents two grassroots initiatives, seeking to give slum dwellers a voice and a stake in their own futures.