Public Health

COVID-19 and the “Free Market Vs Welfarism” Debate in Nigeria’s Health System

The COVID -19 pandemic has spotlighted the tensions between the privatization of public services and the state’s obligation to provide said services. Nigeria, as an emerging economy, is a useful case study for considering a recalibration of the “Free Market Vs Welfarism” Debate. The paradigm shift comprises safeguarding access, affordability, quality, and inclusion in healthcare.



“House Visit”: Providing Medical Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

Homelessness, already a significant challenge in urban areas has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Homelessness is often accompanied by poor health, which together feeds a cycle of vulnerability and increased pressure on health care resources. Street Medicine, taking adapted healthcare services to the homeless, provides a bridge between the street and hospitals—improving outcomes and strengthening service delivery to a vulnerable population.