Workshop with students, Ezé Wendtoin, Aristide Nikiema, Massamba Diop, and Jason Buchea at the Thiossane Institute in Columbus, Ohio | Carolin Müller, 2019

Transnational Community Development for Youth Empowerment: Possibilities for Collaborations in Music Residencies

Dr. Carolin Müller

Music and dance are the basis for a collaborative creative youth project on migration, featuring groups in Colombus OH, and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


Designing for Childhood: What’s Good for the Children is Good for All

Deborah Rahmane

What’s life in the city like for a three-year-old?  The everyday experiences of children is a crucial perspective in urban development initiatives, it gives unique insight into the challenges faced by populations with specific needs, promotes equality, and can shape an effective framework for long-term change.


Bet Shemesh as a Model for Rapid Urban Development and Sustainability

Gilan Miller-Gertz

Urban development initiatives often pit competing interests against one another—ultimately, to the detriment of all. The city of Bet Shemesh stands as an exemplar for a collaborative and sustainable approach. The difference? An approach that recognizes community needs, and facilitates access to key resources.