Fighting the Myths of the Refugee Crisis

Shavit Vered Baruch

We are experiencing the most profound refugee crisis in living memory. But we remain largely unaware of its true origins: environmental exploitation, forced resettlement, artificial resentments stoked into conflict. Fighting environmental oppression can provide an entry point for addressing profound challenges across societies.


Bet Shemesh as a Model for Rapid Urban Development and Sustainability

Gilan Miller-Gertz

Urban development initiatives often pit competing interests against one another—ultimately, to the detriment of all. The city of Bet Shemesh stands as an exemplar for a collaborative and sustainable approach. The difference? An approach that recognizes community needs, and facilitates access to key resources.


COVID-19 and the “Free Market Vs Welfarism” Debate in Nigeria’s Health System

Esther Eshiet

The COVID -19 pandemic has spotlighted the tensions between the privatization of public services and the state’s obligation to provide said services. Nigeria, as an emerging economy, is a useful case study for considering a recalibration of the “Free Market Vs Welfarism” Debate. The paradigm shift comprises safeguarding access, affordability, quality, and inclusion in healthcare.